PABX Systems


Communication with customers and suppliers in a rapid and efficient manner is a critical component of your business, and you deserve a versatile, reliable communication system that gives you what you need when you need it, and which is adaptable to your ever changing business environment. In addition, as your business prospers and expands you need your system to accommodate that growth as quickly and seamlessly as possible. Many Terrasyss clients are companies like yours, and they recognized they needed multiple lines for their business, with a single number to facilitate incoming callers and outgoing lines for their staff and agents, without paying for each line separately. In addition, they required the versatility of integration with all types of handsets including SIP, VOIP, Modems, Fax, Smartphones and Tablets, giving the widest possible range of interactive devices used in the modern fast-paced business environment, providing them the competitive edge. Terrasyss cost effective PABX solutions give those companies’ fantastic savings as they pay only for a single service and enjoy the benefits of a long list of business features our systems provide such as:
  • Call Metering
  • Auto Attendant
  • Auto Call Distributor
  • Call Blocking
  • Auto Dialling and more
In fact, most businesses couldn’t do business without a PABX! If you are thinking of implementing a PABX into your company strategy then: Call us today on +855(0)12 955 985 or +855 (0)23 5000 975 Alternatively send us an email: cs@localhost We will be happy to help you whatever your needs, large or small, and look forward to hearing from you.


Terrasyss offer a comprehensive range of PABX options that provide the perfect flexible and scalable solution for your business. Working with industry leading brands including Panasonic we offer top notch products at great prices. Feel free to browse our product pages for more information on the system that is right for you. Partner with Terrasyss for the best PABX Solutions and avoid the disappointment of dealing with firms that are not ISO 9001 Certified. Call us today on +855(0)12 955 985 or email cs@localhost