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Intruder Alarm Systems

Whether you are:

  • A business or seeking to protect premises and stock
  • A homeowner concerned about your family’s’ safety
  • A government department, embassy or military base possessing sensitive documents
  • A bank looking to safeguard its customers’ cash and valuables
  • A vital installation, such as an airport, sea-port, dry-port, fuel storage or power station

Your first step in any security solution is an Intruder Alarm System.

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Because your business and home is unique, any intruder alarm system should be designed around your needs and according to established International Standards and Industry Best Practices (EN 50131).


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Terrasyss always carry out a free comprehensive survey of your premises and fully assess your security needs before devising a solution that will provide cost-effective protection for many years.

During this site survey we will gather information on factors such as the security level requirements, the number of zoned configurations needed and user access specifications (e.g. fob or code protected) etc.


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If you are thinking of implementing a Intruder Alarm System Solution for your business then:


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There are numerous benefits to installing an intruder alarm system on your premises. Here are Terrasyss’ TOP 6 reasons:


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1. Peace of Mind: Knowing your property, assets, staff and family are safely protected while you are away.
2. Lower Insurance: Many Insurance companies offer discounts to home and businesses when you install a    properly fitted and approved alarm
3. Protect your Valuables: Keeps your property and possessions safe 24/7/365.
4. Help is Coming: Help can be summoned with pre-programmed SMS, Email and Phone alerts. In addition neighbors and guards respond to the alarm sounding and strobe flashing.
5. Deter Thieves: Most crime can be prevented when you install visible deterrents such as a siren box,     strobes and signs.
6. Low Maintenance: Once installed your alarm system is trouble-free for many years.


Start protecting your assets TODAY with Terrasyss comprehensive range of Intruder Alarm System Solutions.


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All of our alarm systems are fully customizable to suit your unique needs and requirements. There are a host of features you can include in your system:


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In addition, you have the option to add a Central Monitoring Station (CMS) for added security with our verified partners MPA International Security.


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Protect what matters most to you with Terrasyss comprehensive range of Intruder Alarm System Solutions.


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Terrasyss offers a comprehensive range of high-quality cost-effective Intruder Alarm System Solutions, ensuring there is one suitable for your home or business.


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Partner with Terrasyss for the best Intruder Alarm System Solutions and avoid the disappointment of dealing with firms that are not ISO 9001 Certified.

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