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Electronic Access Control Systems

Controlling WHO has access to WHAT and WHEN are vital questions affecting every business from the small office to large corporations. Security may be your primary reason for Access Control, in other words keeping unauthorized people out. However, Access Control can also increase productivity by ensuring that each user (inside or outside of the organization) only has access to the resources necessary to perform their respective tasks, while preventing access to resources that are not relevant to the user.
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Controlling Visitors

With any workforce, it can be difficult to control who is going in and out of the building, as there is usually a lot of foot traffic. This leaves large gaps in your overall security plan as unwanted and unknown visitors may enter your premises. For this reason, most businesses like to have a way for new visitors, contractors or clients to sign in and out of their premises, not only for security reasons, but also peace of mind.
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 Controlling your Workforce

Access Control isn’t just about stopping outsiders from coming in, but also about preventing your workers from going where they shouldn’t or don’t need to be. In addition to the possibility of theft, there is the opportunity for your company’s confidential data to be compromised or abused. Without Access Control, it would be really difficult to identify who was there at the time, perhaps when they weren’t supposed to be.
Because your business is unique, and within your company there are many different requirements, Terrasyss work with you to give you everything your system will need. Whether you have a factory, an apartment building, run a school, hospital, bank or office, you can be confident that Terrasyss’ Access Control Solutions are flexible, built around your needs and match your expectations perfectly. Protect what matters most to you with Terrasyss comprehensive range of Electronic Access Control Systems. Inquire now on +855(0)12 955 985 or email cs@localhost for your free survey.

What is Access Control?

Access Control is a system that can control, monitor and restrict the movement of people, assets or vehicles, in, out and around a building or site. The benefits of using an access control system include the prevention of loss or damage to your capital assets and the reduced risk of personal injury to your staff and visitors. Access control applications range from controlling a single entrance door to managing a large complex site.
Components Access Control Systems comprise three main components: The Physical Barrier The physical barrier prevents the entry of unauthorized personnel and has a means of granting access electrically. These may be; a door fitted with an electric locking device, a turnstile, a parking gate or a lift. For doors, a magnetic door sensor may be added to monitor the door position, so that an alarm can be activated if the door is left open or opened illegally.
The Access Controller and Reader The physical barrier is electronically controlled by an access controller combined with some form of reader to identify people by their ‘credentials’. This may be a keypad, a card reader or a biometric reader. Together, the access controller and the reader provide the ability to identify an individual and authorize or deny entry to them.
Access controllers may either be ‘stand-alone’ or networked to a master PC-based (also known as ‘on-line’) access control system that manages the user database for all access points. The PC-based system software can update each controller with the details of each individual’s access rights. PC-based access control systems can offer many additional facilities such as user location, attendance and usage monitoring, visitor management and automatically unlocking doors during emergencies and assigned periods.
Credentials The identity of an individual is determined by a ‘credential’, which may be a PIN code, an access card, key fob, or a unique human characteristic such as a fingerprint. In some cases, combinations of two or more of these credentials may be used to identify the person.
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The key to understanding access control security methodology is to break it down into three simple elements:
Methodology Elements:
  • Identification
  • For access control to be effective, it must provide some way to identify an individual.
  • Authentication
  • Identification requires authentication. This is the process of ensuring that the identity in use is authentic — that it’s being used by the right person
  • Authorization
  • The set of actions allowed to a particular authenticated identity makes up the core of authorization. Authorization typically takes the form of permissions linked to the identity.
These three elements of access control combine to provide the protection you need. Depending on the type of security you require, various levels of protection may be more or less important in a given case. Access to a meeting room may need only a key kept in an easily broken lock-box in the receptionist’s area, but access to your servers or vital equipment probably requires a bit more care. Find your company’s ideal solution using Terrasyss’ Electronic Access Control Systems. Inquire today on +855(0)12 955 985 or email cs@localhost


Access Control Systems or Electronic Access Control offer many advantages over traditional locks and keys. Here are the Terrasyss’ TOP 9 benefits for you to consider in choosing your access control options:
Advantages of Electronic Access: 1) Electronic Keys are Difficult to Duplicate While physical keys can be copied very easily, duplicating electronic keys requires a much higher degree of sophistication. This makes your access system much more secure than it could ever be with physical keys. 2) You NEVER Have to Change the Locks An electronic user database means that you never have to change locks at your sites. If a key card is ever lost, it can be removed from the database and a new one can be issued. If an employee leaves your company, his or her access rights can be deleted within seconds. This greatly lowers your overall exposure to risk. 3) You Only Have to Remember One Key With electronic access, your single key or access code grants you access to every door you need to access, so there’s no chance of forgetting the key for a particular door. If you get to a site where you need access and you are not recognized by the system, a network operator can add you or your supervisor to the list instantly. 4) Instant Access Rights If a tech needs extra access to handle an emergency in the field, his or her rights can be updated. This way, the tech can travel straight to the emergency without returning to the office, reducing costs and accelerating repairs. Visitors can be added with the minimum of effort and deleted upon departure. Remotely administer and control access to even thousands of facilities through one interface. 5) Complete Audit Trail History Logging With an electronic access system, every entry to your sites is logged for later review. This can be an invaluable tool when investigating vandalism or theft, or for tracking response times or technical activities internally. By combining options like video surveillance and restricted access, multiple layers of protection allow you to create an accessible audit trail that aids in determining the locations of individuals during any incidents that may occur. 6) Electronic Access Control is completely Customizable for Every User Electronic access control gives you the ability to set user-level access rights all the way down to individual doors and times. This minimizes your exposure to risk by granting no more site access than is necessary. Ideal for workplace situations, employers can grant limited access to employees without increasing the risk for theft or damage to assets and inventory. 7) Electronic Locks Permit Remote “Buzz In” If a tech or outside contractor needs access to a locked site, you can open that door remotely from your central terminal. This gives you an extra degree of flexibility while making sure that you know about entries into your sites. 8) Deter Unauthorized Access The visible and concealed means for securing your assets provide an excellent way to reduce workplace theft. In addition to the possibility of theft, you can ensure your company’s confidential data is not compromised or abused. With Access Control, it is really simple to identify who was there at the time, perhaps when they weren’t supposed to be. 9) You Won’t Waste Time and Pocket Space with Electronic Access Electronic access is faster and better than using locks and keys. You’ll never have to look through a ring of keys to find the right one. You won’t waste space in your pocket or briefcase carrying bulky rings of keys. Rest assured that your assets are safe when you protect your property with Terrasyss’ Access Control Solutions. Our state-of-the-art on-site security systems provide peace of mind and unmatched protection against intruders and other unauthorized persons. Experience our customized security features, cutting-edge technology, skilled installation technicians, and our excellent support staff. Inquire now on +855(0)12 955 985 or email cs@localhost


Modern Electronic Access Control Systems offer a wide range of features:
Video Surveillance Integration – Integrating CCTV Surveillance into your Access Control Solution means you can record images and video whenever a certain area is accessed or monitor individual user activities. Alarm System Integration – If someone forgets to close a door or window when leaving the premises an alarm can notify you, so your premises stay secure. Card Management Options – Different layers of security and access options can be programmed into a card or individual user account. Cards can be re-used, deleted or added into your system simply and easily Internet Based Monitoring – Linking your system to the internet means multiple areas and multiple sites can be accessed anytime and anyplace. Keep track of everything with one easy to use interface. Individual User Access Configurations – Having a user profile system means you can instantly update access rights from a site right down to an individual door or area. No more trying to keep track of keys. Door Scheduling Management – Certain doors are meant to be opened at certain times. For example, the cleaner only requires access when he or she needs to clean, or your main doors should only be opened during office hours. Holiday Schedule Management – Holidays are no longer a headache. Prevent unauthorised access during your business holidays. Allow routine maintenance or Emergency Access. Biometric Scan Option – Increase your security in your sensitive areas by incorporating biometrics. Ensure only the right people access the right areas at the right times. RFID Card Option – Forget trying to remember PIN codes for each individual door. Use RFID cards to program exactly which areas your staff can enter. Activity Reports – Stay informed of what’s been happening. From monitoring a single user, door or area, all the way up to summaries of your building’s overall security. Access Notification – SMS Email Phone – Stay on top of the situation and receive alerts whenever someone accesses or tries to access an area. Track and trace all activity. Smartphone Integration – The best solutions demand the latest devices. Let your Smartphone handle all the work. Multi-platform – MAC, Windows IoS or Android – take your pick. Scalable Solutions – When you grow, so does the system. New room, new floor, new building, new site = no problem. Experience our customized security features, cutting-edge technology, skilled installation technicians, and our excellent support staff. Inquire now on +855(0)12 955 985 or email cs@localhost


Terrasyss offers a comprehensive range of high-quality cost-effective Access Control Solutions, ensuring there is one suitable for your home or business.
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